JM Shortcuts #3 – Stay Hydrated

Hey, here’s another easy one that most people miss on a daily basis – just make sure you stay hydrated!
Our body consists to a high degree of water and the fluids that lubricate our joints as well as makes up the major component inside and between our cells are dependent on sufficient hydration to maintain homeostasis (balance).
Most people have a much too high intake of sodas, coffee (not to mention sugary coffee drinks with different additives) and other drinks that actually promote dehydration and this directly effect our mobility in a negative way.

So, make sure you drink mostly water, avoid sodas and sugary drinks entirely (for more reasons than merely mobility…) and limit your intake of caffeine to a few cups per day and you should be good!

Keep calm and move on!

Mahalo, I appreciate You!

Peace // Claes

PS And if You wanna get serious about Your mobility – check out the basic course at Tapas for Life!

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