JM Shortcuts #2 – Go for a Walk

Hey, this is an easy one and most of you hopefully already practice this!
Yet, if not, just go for a walk outside!!!
On top of getting some fresh air and ventilating out accumulated carbon dioxide from your system, the increased blood flow to your muscles, fascia and other tissues help maintain, and maybe even develop mobility.
Just remember to walk briskly enough to slightly raise your body temperature and stay at it for more than 30min and you get the added benefit of protecting your cardio vascular health as well.

Personally I’ve made it a habit to go for a walk while on the phone, and the increased energy from moving around actually raises my level of participation and the quality of the meeting!
Why not give it a shot? There’s virtually only upsides here!
And if you don’t do meetings on the phone, get an audio book or educate yourself by listening to an informative podcast!
Keep calm and move on!
Mahalo, I appreciate You!
Peace // Claes